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Welcome to Sri Vidyaalaya

About Sri Vidyaalaya

Children have a huge capacity to learn through all the senses. The more stimulation they get through different senses, the better their brain develops.

We nurture the sensory development with our Unique Learning Style based teaching. Every child has his own personal learning style which may favour one sensory input above the others. Some children are Visual, for example, they need to see how things work; others understand better when they listen or if get up and move out through…

This will help the child through his growing stages and help him nourish his own potential
intelligence too.

Day Care

   Age Group: 1½ to 2½  years
     Duration : Monday to Friday
     Hours/day: 9am to 4pm

Play School

   Age Group: 2½ to 3½  years
     Duration : Monday to Friday
     Hours/day: 9am to 4pm
we are located at

we are located at

No.74, 1stFloor,
Thiyagaraja Street
Opp. M.G. Road, Perumal Koil
Puducherry – 605001.

Reach us at

+91 413 4300023
    +91 98430 30697