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  • Learning Blossoms
  • Play room

Day Care

   Age Group: 1½ to 2½  years
     Duration : Monday to Friday
     Hours/day: 9am to 4pm

Play School

   Age Group: 2½ to 3½  years
     Duration : Monday to Friday
     Hours/day: 9am to 4pm
  • About Sri Vidyaalaya

    Children have a huge capacity to learn through all the senses. The more stimulation they get through different senses, the better their brain develops.

    We nurture the sensory development with our Unique Learning Style based teaching. Every child has his own personal learning style which may favour one sensory input above the others. Some children are Visual, for example, they need to see how things work; others understand better when they listen or if get up and move out through…

    This will help the child through his growing stages and help him nourish his own potential intelligence too.

Children's Play Room

  • Teaching How…

    The theory of M.I. advocates that every person is smart, but at varying degrees of the M.I. scale. By broadening our view of intelligence and making opportunities available to every child, Sri Vidyaalaya is able to leverage on the strengths of children as a means to complement their less developed areas. Essentially, there are 8 main types of ‘intelligence’ as outlined in M.I. These include:
World Smart

Verbal Linguistic

This particular intelligence involves the ability to communicate and having the love to use language in a variety of ways, through oral or writing, as opposed to pictures.

Self Smart


Children have a strong sense of themselves as well as their wants and needs. They are self reflective and are thoughtful in making decisions about their lives.

Picture Smart

Visual / Spatial

Children with high visual intelligence process information best using pictures, visuals, and imagery. They have a sense of direction and an ability to think and plan in three dimensions.

People Smart


Children with this intelligence process information by relating to others. They display a high awareness or sensitivity towards others’ feelings and intentions.

Number Smart

Logical / Mathematical

Children who display this intelligence are curious about how things work. They are able to carry out complex calculations, enjoy finding connection and patterns in shape and numbers.

Nature Smart

Naturalist / Environmentalist

Children with high appreciation towards natural wonders and phenomena are said to possess this intelligence. They see the connection within the natural world and display genuine care for the environment.

Music Smart

Musical / Rhythmic

Children with high musical intelligence learn best through music, sound, and rhythm. They have high ability to perceive pitch, tone and rhythmic patterns.

Body Smart

Bodily Kinesthetic

This form of intelligence involves using body parts to communicate or express oneself, and the ability to coordinate bodily movements well.

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